I’m a new mother – and very proud to be! I love motherhood, and I love how it’s changed me. I’m also not afraid to talk about the parts of it that suck. IMG_0594I’m aware that they’re there, and I think honesty is the best policy. I’m also very open about my anxiety struggles, and how it relates to being a parent.

I’m also a wife, an author, an editor, and a dancer. I love to work out, complain about my diet, and I’m a beer and wine “snob”. I enjoy getting to know other people and connecting over shared experiences or interests. When I have time (oh-so-rare occasions) I also like to indulge in binge-watching my favorite TV shows.

You can find my professional work and side-projects at https://ejlane.com/ if you’re interested in checking out my fiction or editing services!