An Apology To My Neglect Pile

In the past six weeks, I’ve built up quite a neglect pile. There are a lot of things and people that I have been really bad about getting around to keeping up with. Today I apologize to all of you. There’s a list.

  • All the blogs I’ve missed out on
    I’m so sorry I have been a bad follower. I fully intend to get back to reading everyone’s posts, but I’m starting to notice that summer with a child is like trying to walk on hot coals. You try to find the cool spots when you can, and you go back for anything you missed once all the coals are cooled. I didn’t mean to make that a double metaphor for the ridiculous heat we’ve been experiencing this year, but I like that it worked out that way. I’m taking what I can get in these hectic months, because my schedule is all over the place. I’m starting to wonder if routine will ever be back in my vocabulary.
  • My instagram
    If you’re an instagram follower that comes to read my blog, I’m sorry to you, as well. I’ve been terrible at checking out everyone’s instagram posts and liking them as well. I’ll be honest those feeds are hard to keep up with on a good day, and with so many people in it, people’s posts get lost. I’m sorry if you’ve felt neglected, and I will try to do better!
  • My house
    I haven’t mopped my floors in a month. Sorry, house, I know I’m a bad owner. I spend a lot of time yelling at my computer (which has a slow processor) and a lot of time with my son, and not enough time cleaning you up as of late. I will fix that, I promise.
  • My dog
    Probably the most neglected of all the things, my dog misses regular walks, doggie play dates, and snuggles that don’t involve baby feet or getting her ears chewed on. I love my dog to death and I’m sad to say I have not compensated well once the baby came home. She got lots of attention leading up to the baby’s return, and lots from my parents in subsequent months, but not enough from me. I’m sorry, Mona.

I’m sure there are things I’ve missed on this list, like friends I haven’t kept up with in real life, or work I haven’t gotten done, I’m sure aspects of my marriage have also been left in the neglect pile. But I’m only human, and I’m working on not having a neglect pile at all.

– Monster Mama

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