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Teething is harder than I imagined. My child is not a fussy baby so far – nearly six months of experience has brought me the knowledge that he usually only fusses for good reason. Lately, however, he’s seemed to be fussy for no reason, and that had me baffled.

A couple days ago it was at a peak. I was beside myself, and I couldn’t calm him. I had no clue what was wrong. I happened to catch a glimpse inside his mouth, and I could see two small, swollen nubs protruding from his bottom gums.


Oh no.

I washed my hands, then went and ran my fingers along them, to see if they were what I thought. They are teeth that have not yet broken through his gums. My child is about to cut teeth and I am totally unprepared. I’ve known it was coming for a while, sure. He’s been drooling a lot and chewing/sucking on anything he can get into his mouth to help the soreness subside. But he hadn’t really been fussy until this week.

I’m at a total loss as a first time parent. I’m doing all I was told by doctors, dentists, and other well-meaning advice givers (i.e.: my mother, other family members, and friends whose kids have recently (or not so recently) cut teeth). It breaks my heart that he is in pain from this, but there really isn’t much I can do to ease that.

Frozen pacifiers, teething toys, baby orajel, etc. all seem to be ineffective and I wish I could help him. For now, I’m proud of the trooper he seems to be. Despite my earlier statement that he’s fussier than usual, he’s still not very fussy. It’s only here or there throughout the day, and once or twice at night he wakes.

(Please note that the featured image is an average or typical timeline that not all babies follow.)

What was your experience with a teething baby, and what remedies seemed to help? I’d love to hear from you!

– Monster Mama

5 thoughts on “Teething

  1. The cold toys worked best for my kids, as did a little Tylenol, but honestly, nothing did much. It’s just a matter of time. (Mine weren’t too fussy, anyway.)

    Interesting to note, both of my kids are adults now, and both have at least one baby tooth that still hasn’t come out for the adult tooth yet. My family seems to struggle with growing teeth. Not cavities, but just growing them.

    Your little trooper will be fine.

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  2. My daughter nursed 24/7 when she cut teeth. She loved to gnaw on peeled carrots (heavily supervised, lol). I think my son is getting her first tooth right now too. Or it is the beginning of his teething journey. Good luck! I hope he finds relief soon.

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    1. Thanks, and same for you and your little guy! I can see the white so hopefully it won’t be long now, but he seems to have adjusted to the teething pretty well this week. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Hopefully it stays that way!

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