Open Letters

Letting Go

An open letter to literally anyone who dyes their grey hair (like I do):

Dear Grey-Haired Person,

If you’re like me, then your hair is going prematurely grey. It happens to the best of us, whether it’s because of stress, genetics, or any other number of reasons. For a few years now, this has made me sad. I used to have beautiful red-brown hair. I didn’t want to lose that pigment, so I started dying my hair.

I, though apparently this opinion is unpopular, do not feel comfortable dying my hair while pregnant. Since my son was born, I have had my hair done four different times. But as we prepare for child number two, I realized that I don’t want the roots that will inevitably follow when I stop dying my hair during pregnancy.

Today, I made the decision to put my vanity aside (and keep some extra cash in my bank account in the future). I dyed my hair an ashy brown color. It didn’t completely cover up the red, but my hair is now much closer to a grey color, and the color it now grows in, than to the red I have been used to the for the past couple of years. (See above picture for current color.) I am still adjusting, but this color isn’t bad.

Inevitably my roots will grow in, slightly darker, and I may give my hair one more extra coat (in theory) to help keep my color blended with the growing roots. I may also just say “f*** it” and let them grow out if they aren’t obscenely different. Only time can tell.

I will miss my red hair. I will miss the vibrancy of color that reminds me of my youth – having ash-colored hair immediately seems to make people think I’m older than I actually am, which is dejecting at times. Maybe once I’m done having children, I will dye it back again, eager to pass myself off as younger once more. But for now, I’m done dying my hair.

If you struggle with your hair color, whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better, do it. Right now, this is what is best for me. That could change. But I’ve grown to accept my greying locks, and I hope you accept whatever choice you make, too.


– Monster Mama

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. You look great! I hope you feel great too. I definitely waited until the end of both of my pregnancies to dye my hair. So I hear you on that one!
    After baby #2 the grays started coming in fiercely over here! I have a hard time sticking to the same hair color for too long, so I am not ready to give up dyeing it quite yet. I did opt for blonde this time instead of my usual red or purple (to help hide the grays)! Maybe if I go gray people will think I am my age and not 16 years old… lol

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