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Babies Will Be Babies

My son is only five months old, and his closest “friend” is seven months. I love our “Mommy” dates, where I get together with my current best friend and we let our kids lay in the same area while we talk and do things.

I only say “current” best friend because I move around a lot with the military being the deciding factor on where I live. Even though I’m out, my husband isn’t. I end up having a new “best” friend wherever I go. It’s almost imperative. I have a “permanent” best friend. We’ve known each other over 20+ years now and I miss living close to her on a regular basis. I have another best friend from the same area, and we’ve known each other 15+ years now. Our kids also have had two play dates. I aim for more, even though we’re so far apart.

Back to the point, our kiddos. My best friend here is also my go-to babysitter. She sat for us two weeks ago for my husband’s work events that weren’t baby friendly, and her son was so excited to see mine. My child sees other kids every day, nearly, because he goes to daycare at the gym. I did not anticipate that when he finally got close to one of those other kids, he would try to eat them, but that’s exactly what he did.

Thankfully, he did not try to eat my friend’s child. They get along great. They can’t move independently yet (for the most part) but they babble back and forth. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Their “play dates” are mostly consistent of them picking up toys the other one has dropped while we clean off their drool.

At daycare, however, my son sits in the playpen or the swing. One of the little girls who likes to bring him toys made the mistake of putting her face down close to his. He immediately grabbed her head and put her forehead in his mouth – as much as he could. This was the same girl who hit him last week.

I happened to be coming in to pick him up, which is why the daycare worker didn’t see this happening. The doors stay locked (which I like) and she was opening the door for me. I about pissed myself. He looked at me as if to say, “Whatcha gonna do about it?” I stifled laughter, and the girl pulled herself back and said “Ewwwww!” It was about the reaction I had when I saw him letting the dog lick his mouth. Which I immediately put a stop to.

I know this is a normal part of being a baby, so I tried not to be too grossed out. However, I sit here, wine in hand, and continue to wonder why in the world putting everything in their mouths is how a baby learns about new things. Couldn’t they just grab things and shake them up? Sigh. I will resign myself to the weirdness that is infancy for a while longer. Maybe a few years – I want lots of kiddos.

Does your kiddo still eat things to explore? Did they at one point? Tell me about it – remind me I’m not alone! 🙂

– Monster Mama

4 thoughts on “Babies Will Be Babies

  1. At least he didn’t bite her. But you are not alone. I don’t understand putting things in the mouth either. However, I would love to be flexible enough to get my feet to my mouth (definitely not in my mouth).

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