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Swimming With Baby

As promised, a quick update on the prosecco and cherry poptarts: absolutely delicious! Now onward, to today’s topic.

We have taken our baby swimming a few times now, and it has been a source of fun and anxiety for me. Each time we get into the water I wonder if this is the time he finally decides he doesn’t enjoy swimming.

It hasn’t happened yet.

We took him swimming several times alone, and we go to an indoor pool – I’m terrified that he will get sun burnt. I don’t want to be responsible for hurting him. I know that at some point I will make a mistake that gets him hurt. When we took him swimming outside for the first time, it was incredibly cloudy and overcast. I found that ideal, until the weather started chilling rapidly. We vacated the pool, but until it started cooling off, he’d been having a great time.

If you’re going to take a baby swimming, it’s really dependent on the child if they like it. I would love to say it’s something exciting and fun for every child, but I’ve noticed that some babies just do not like the water. I have been lucky with my son.

Teaching him to splash and encouraging his kicking and exploring has been fantastic, and wonderful to watch.

Putting him underwater for the first time was terrifying. Of course, he came up and was completely fine. Babies seem to have some kind of instinct for these things. Mommy, not so much. I could swear my heart stopped beating until I saw that he was completely fine upon his return to the surface – less than a second after going under.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and he seems to really enjoy swimming – even going underwater seems to be fun for him. Who knows, maybe we have another swimmer in the family! (My mother was an excellent swimmer. It skipped a generation.)

What about your kids? Do they like the water? Do you take them swimming often? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

– Monster Mama

4 thoughts on “Swimming With Baby

  1. Good to know the PopTart/Prosecco experiment was a success. 🙂

    I didn’t realize you weren’t that into swimming. Your mom and I lived at the pool in the summers, and you used to have a pool, so I just assumed… Nice to learn something new about you. I thought I knew it all. 😉

    Babies do have an instinct about swimming. Relax. You’re a great mom, and letting him experience things early can only benefit him.

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    1. It’s not a lack of interest on my part so much as a fear of getting the baby sunburnt by trying to take him out too early. I’m also not a particularly gifted swimmer, although I enjoy it, but here it’s so easy for me to burn or possibly get the baby burnt I find I’m overly cautious.

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    1. I also miss having easier access to a pool, especially in a desert climate. I don’t miss the constant application of sunscreen and the constant work involved with a pool, either. I doubt we’ll ever have one, but I hope my kids enjoy swimming as much as I did!


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