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Our First Father’s Day

Unfortunately, this post is a day late. I have been having quite the computer trouble lately, and even less fortunately, it still isn’t working out for me correctly. I am currently typing this from my phone. If someone saw the way I was looking at my computer, they would likely assume it had murdered my dog.

After spending my earliest hours attempting to make my computer function without any success, I ran out to the store to buy some last minute ingredients and gifts for my husband. I printed out some of my favorite photos and put them into frames as well as buying a bluray, coffee, and a cute onesie for the baby to represent Daddy yesterday. I hadn’t thought to check until the morning, but he no longer fit into his other onesies that had cute messages about Daddy.

We had a choose-your-adventure morning/early afternoon. I made up several cards with different activities for the day, such as “open a gift” or “make a cute memory” or “watch a movie of your choice”. We didn’t get to all of them – but our favorite attempt was dressing the baby in dad’s outfit to later on put into a photo album. He didn’t cooperate, so we will try again later.

My husband spent the rest of his afternoon brewing a beer – one of his favorite hobbies and something he doesn’t often have the chance to do.

While we didn’t get to do everything I had planned (which really kills the planner in my personality), my husband tells me it was a fantastic and memorable first Father’s Day. That is all I wanted, and I’m glad I could do that for him.

I hope everyone else had a chance to enjoy the day – I’d love to hear about other things you did for Father’s Day!

– Monster Mama

5 thoughts on “Our First Father’s Day

  1. I work for a major shipping company that is located in Memphis Tennessee. It is a global company, with over a million employees world-wide and a annual profit margin somewhere north of a couple billion dollars. They operate every type of vehicle known to humanity. From electric powered cars to jets that rank among the largest in the airline industry. Every major holiday around the world has an affect on the shipping demands. Ramadan in the Middle East to Cinco De Mayo in Mexico created an additional delivery of some type.

    When you think of American specific holidays, the flight system adds additional flight to cover everything from Independence Day to Veteran’s Day because of the need for an increase in shipping. Christmas is the obvious number one holiday in terms of shipping. Mother’s Day is second followed by Valentines Day. The only American holiday that does not generate additional flights is Father’s Day. There is no measurable increase in the amount of packages that transit the system between Father’s day and any other non-holiday weekend on the calendar. In fact, the loads are actually down slightly on Father’s Day Weekend. Said another way, more people send gifts on Arbor Day than Father’s Day.

    Not because Fathers aren’t deserving. But because what a Father really wants are things that don’t cost money. Some extra time to brew a beer or work on their car or a home cooked meal, or some quality alone time with their wives or whatever. You chose the perfect gift for your husband. You are to be commended because you done good!



  2. Sounds like he had a great day! We started the day with homemade gifts from the kids, then went out to breakfast, and then he chose to do a few projects around the house that he’s been wanting to get time to do. Aadelyn (2 years old) was a great helper and passer of tools. 🙂

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