Anxiety in Motherhood

Baby’s First Word!

It’s happened, another first marked off the list. My family doesn’t live nearby, and so I often find myself behind the camera, trying to make sure they can still watch my son grow up digitally. Wednesday was no exception, I had whipped my phone out and started recording. My son was babbling, and lately it’s been sounding more and more like he is trying to talk or carry on a conversation, which we found adorable.

While recording, my husband and I noticed he was making sounds remarkably like “da-da”. So we began the requisite “Can you say Da-da?” prodding. We didn’t think he would actually say it. A few times he just looked at us and said “dad dad dad dud dud dud dood dood” which was still pretty cute. I was about to cut the recording around 30 seconds, but asked one more time. “Da-da?”

My soon looked me dead in the eye with a big grin on his face and repeated, clear as a bell, “Da-da”. I was shocked, and so was my husband. We were thrilled! His first time repeating something! And I had caught it on camera. We rejoiced, encouraging him, which made him smile and giggle. A few more times we tried, and a few more times throughout the evening he repeated da-da.

There are so many magical firsts that happen in a child’s life, and I’m so grateful my husband was there for this one. I’m grateful I got it on camera so my family could hear it, too. I think, though, that I’m most grateful that it seemed to absolutely delight my son. He was so pleased that we were happy with his babbling, and the smiles and giggles that followed his first word will probably always be what I remember.

– Monster Mama


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