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Managing Social Media is Hard

Why does managing social media have to be so difficult? You go online, and you update all of your own social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (if you use it), WordPress… All of your personal/ blogging/ professional media has been updated. Then, you have to check in on everyone else.

If you want followers, you also have to follow – unless you’re a celebrity already. Then, it doesn’t seem to matter. So you catch up with your Facebook friends by “reacting” to their posts and occasionally comment. After scrolling through an exhaustive amount of Facebook posts, you then move onto Twitter, then Instagram, and the list goes on.

I find social media management daunting. I wonder who will be offended that day if I don’t “like” their post and who will be offended that I never seem to leave a comment or feedback on their post or blog. I wonder if I’m reciprocating enough of my time and energy to make it worth other people following me.

See, I don’t particularly like social media – it’s a necessary evil for exposure. And most of the time, I don’t much care for “exposure” either. All I care about, is if even one person can be helped by reading what I’ve written. All I care about is that someone else out there reads about my struggles and victories and feels less alone. All I care about is that I’ve touched the life, mind, or heart of even one person.

I feel at times as if social media has turned us into a society of shallow interactions. How can you get to know someone by watching their life from the outside? Or from watching only the best moments of their life? I don’t think you can. Sure, there are brave people who will post their worst moments, and there are people who will post a play-by-play of ever single thing they’ve done that day, big and small. But that doesn’t mean you know them.

I prefer blogs, because many writers explain the why, the how, and their feelings on those same moments you only catch a glimpse of on social media. But again – most of the time, if you want people to read your blog, you have to also read someone else’s blog. You have to promote and provide exposure for that blog. You have to consistently show you’re willing to share the work of others before others will look at your own.

Writing is always growing and evolving as an industry, and I believe that’s wonderful. As an author and a blogger, I see the amazing sides of both. Most people don’t see the leg work behind gaining a “following” or “exposure”, they just see the number of people following your social media, and the number of people you follow.

When your time is limited – as mine definitely is as of late – it is really hard to keep up with social media. It’s hard to read and give a thoughtful response to all the blogs I enjoy. It’s hard to sit and scroll through the hundreds of instagram and twitter posts in my feed in between feedings, playtime, writing my own content, diaper changes, gym time, “mommy dates”, and all of the other joys of being a mother. I would rather just spend the time I spend “growing” my social media accounts hanging out with my son.

I hope that this realization brings me more balance. Not only for my sake, but that of my child. I want him to have a childhood that is as “unplugged” as possible. I want him to really enjoy being a child, and not worry about the pressure that social media and staying “connected” can put on a person. But most of all, I want him to understand the value of what it means to connect with someone in person, and the art of real conversation. Nothing quite comes close to talking to someone in person, in my opinion.

What do you guys think? Do you enjoy managing your social media? Other moms, do you find it difficult to balance social media with time spent with your kids? Anyone have tips and tricks to simplify social media management? Please, share them with me, along with your experiences!

10 thoughts on “Managing Social Media is Hard

  1. It is hard. And you’re right; even with constant interaction, you don’t really “know” the people. Relationships take time and confidences to build. Keep at it, and you’ll get there. Even one new true friend is more than you had before.

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  2. Great read. It’s so true that managing it all takes time. I don’t do a lot of social media. I have a Facebook and an instagram account mostly for sharing pictures with family who live far away. I also use it to post links to my blog. Like you said, for the most part to gain followers you must become a follower (not in a bad way). I try to see it as a way to support others who are in my position. Like you, I hope to touch, motivate or inspire “someone” with each post. It’s cool when I get a bigger response than expected, but I think it’s equally cool to get 1 like. It feels good that someone read what I wrote and had that “huh, cool” moment and chose to hit ‘like’. I try to find one new blog to follow every couple days. I take some time to read a few of their posts and see if they evoke emotion in me. It feels good to give someone a like, comment or follow and genuinely mean it, maybe I am that one person who read what they wrote and said “huh, cool”. It’s great to follow so many new blogs and build relationships with people in a similar position as myself.

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    1. I love when I get likes and comments, but like you are, I’m happy with one ‘like’. I enjoy knowing someone read my writing and it made an impression. I also enjoy your blog!

      I try to get to at least two posts a day, from different blogs I follow. I try to follow new blogs, especially if someone has checked out my work. If I enjoy it, I stick around, if not, I’ve at least exposed myself to others’ words and experiences. ❤

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      1. Thank you. It’s definitely difficult to find that balance, like with everything else. I think it’s great to expose ourselves to different writing as well. That’s a good way to look at it.

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  3. I find it overwhelming trying to keep up, but I am a bit selective in that I stick mostly to blogging and Twitter–both of which have gained me friends whom I feel I’ve connected with. I just can’t seem to summon the energy for Facebook,even though I have a profile and business page there.

    I usually “unplug” each weekend from Friday night to Sunday night and allow the internet to pass me by. If I didn’t have time away from social media commitments, I doubt I’d be able to manage at other times. There doesn’t seem to be a magic solution, but I can relate to everything you said, especially the constraints of time. Maybe someday we’ll actually work it out, LOL!

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    1. I like the idea of social media free weekends. I think I might try that! I definitely unplug an hour before I go to sleep each night and I find that helps, but the weekends might be good, too!

      I do 2 separate blogs and Facebook, twitter and instagram. It gets to be a. It overwhelming, and I’m thinking of doing a schedule instead. Maybe rotate what days what media is used and what not. We shall see – one day, we will figure it out. Probably in time for it to become obsolete! Haha.

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      1. Had to laugh at your closing line. I’ll be right there with you finally mastering everything only to learn it’s no longer needed.

        I love my offline weekends. Family and fun time! 🙂

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      2. It’s always good to have a nice chuckle. ❤

        I think I am definitely going to take a leaf out of your book. I have a post scheduled to go live over the weekend, and I will log into Instagram to plug it before my Monday post goes out (it automatically posts to FB and twitter), but ultimately, I think the offline weekend will be good for me. Maybe I can even find a way to turn off notifications for the weekend… Hmmm. More to learn, I suppose!

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