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Mommy Takes A Sick Day

I read a lot of blog posts and articles and have seen countless memes that convey the message that “mommy doesn’t get a sick day”. I was prepared to never have a sick day, or be able to take care of myself properly when I finally got sick. I had steeled myself against the idea that I would likely be sick twice as long as I usually am because I wouldn’t be able to rest appropriately to recover. All thanks to the bundle of joy I wanted so desperately to have.

They say that children change your life, and it will never be the same, etc. (insert other cheesy but essentially true remarks about children and life changes here). With these things, as with everything, come the good and the bad, and sick days fall squarely into the “suck” column.

When I woke up between 1 and 2 in the morning last Saturday night puking my guts out, anxiety began to overtake me. My first thought was “Oh, no! Mums don’t get sick days! How will I take care of my son while I’m vomiting up everything that dared enter my stomach in the past 24 hours?!”

I repeat, my first thought was that mums don’t get sick days.

It turns out, that was the least of my worries. Being sick throws off everything – even if you don’t have a child. Although normally I could have easily caught up on my work on Tuesday (as I was still recovering on Monday), I now have a child. So the extra four hours of work got pushed back day, by day, by day until my entire week was shot. My routine was messed up.

I had my husband to help me take as much of a sick day as I think I’ll ever get (short of being hospitalized) now that we have a kid. But after that? My floors need mopping, my kitchen needs a deep scrubbing because it gets used every day, and my laundry is piled up. I don’t feel like catching up on any of it, and I still don’t quite feel one hundred percent.

The stress that has compounded by taking a “sick day” – which I very desperately needed – has made it so that even though I’m no longer sick, my stress is still through the roof. There are projects that need to be finished, a baby that needs to be given attention, and I still need to find some time for me. I’m so grateful that my husband is around for another month to help out with these things before his work schedule changes back to a 14-18 hour-a-day average. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just ‘wing it’.

Does anyone else find themselves struggling to get back to their routines after being sick? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear how you get back on track!

– Monster Mama

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