Fun and Creative Ideas

The Treasure Box

My baby boy juse turned four months a couple days ago, and I’m always looking for new things to do with him and new ways to teach him about the world around him. My blog has an instagram handle, and I post fairly regularly there as well, and try to keep up with the posts of the other mums, dads and miscellaneous accounts I follow. On one of them, @thejoyfulmom, I found the best idea yet!

One of the best ways for babies to learn is just to experience new things. New sounds, sights, tactiles, and smells. What better way to do that than to create a “treasure box”? You take an ordinary box or laundry basket, or something easy for the child to access, and fill it with things from around the house they’ve never seen or used before! It’s something you can do every now and then to introduce new things to baby to help stimulate curiosity and start to teach them to learn to play with new things in creative ways.

You can start this early as a cute way to play and something new to stimulate them, then as they grow, use it as a teaching tool to help spark curiosity and creativity. I absolutely loved this idea! You can see @thejoyfulmom’s post here and you can find her instagram profile here if you want to follow her like I do.

What about you guys, do you have any gems that will help to keep your child occupied? Anything fun and easy to put together to stimulate your kids? I hope you’ll share with me if you do, I’m always looking for new ideas!

– Monster Mama

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