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Accountability Follow-Up

So today, I’m excited to announce the baby and I are starting a new routine! It’s been a little hectic around here at the Monster house (our last name is not Monster, but that would be so cool!) because of all the traveling we have been doing lately. Now that we are home and settled for the foreseeable future, we are recommitting to a routine that is good for Mama. You see, previously, the only routine I stuck to was for the baby. I kept his feeding schedule, his playtimes, naps, and reading times like clockwork. I feel like it’s important to provide him a good structure.

Now that we are home, his schedule is staying the same. However, we are introducing something new to our routine – and that’s Mama’s tasks. We get to reintroduce our morning cleaning into the routine, as well as our morning blog posting and our daily meal planning and cooking. But since we are home, I can finally establish a gym schedule for myself. I want to lose the extra stomach fat and tone up, something I talked about in a previous post (here).

This week, without all the traveling or lack of access to a real kitchen, I can finally set a daily time to go to the gym, and eat much healthier. We don’t have to go out, and I don’t have to live off of lunchables and hotel breakfasts. Not only am I excited, I’m relieved. Being unable to cook and fend for myself normally left me feeling anxious and uncomfortable.

My real nerves are in introducing my son to daycare. The gym I go to has a daycare center, and he can’t be there more than two hours at a time. I wouldn’t want him to be, anyway, as he doesn’t take a bottle and he’s just reaching the phase where only Mama or Daddy seem to be able to comfort him. I’m hoping in time he will grow used to the people working the daycare center – or even better their new faces will be stimulating and he won’t have too much trouble. I’m also worried he will be fussy, and they won’t take care of him properly because they don’t want to listen to a baby cry.

Worse still, I worry that it’s irresponsible for me to give him to the daycare to watch while I workout. He’s at such a young age, I feel like I should be the one to ensure his “bucket” is properly filled. I know I need to take care of myself, and an hour and a half at the daycare center shouldn’t be the end of the world, but I struggled to leave my child alone with a close friend for three hours. I felt like I was imposing on her, and I felt like it was irresponsible to want a break to go on a date with my husband. (It’s also still the only time we have gone out without him since he was born.) If I can’t leave him with a close friend, how can I leave him with strangers?

I console myself with these thoughts:

  • It’s an hour and a half. He should be alright.
  • I’m in the same building, and they can come get me if something is wrong.
  • I’m in the same building and can peek in to check on him if I’m too anxious.
  • These people are certified workers with criminal background checks.
  • I need to exercise and get stronger/build endurance if I’m going to keep up with him when he starts to walk and run.
  • Taking care of me is also good for him in the long run.
  • Taking care of me helps me to take better care of him.
  • Taking a break from the baby is not a bad thing, and will leave me refreshed to spend time with him later.
  • It’s only an hour and a half, and he will survive.
  • It’s only an hour and a half, and I will survive.

Now that I’ve gotten all the anxiety out of the way, I can hopefully focus on the excitement of starting a new routine to better myself and my home. Because those things are also good for my baby, who is now closer to half a year old than to zero months. Time sure does fly! Any other moms out there who are working on accountability to themselves, or working on improving their self care? I’d love to hear about it – stop by and leave a comment!

– Monster Mama

5 thoughts on “Accountability Follow-Up

  1. I love the photo! At first I thought you were going to write about doing baby yoga. But going to the gym is a great step into that direction 🙂 I have a friend who is also a young mother with an even younger child and she’s started trusting the little one with friends (me!) to start working out again. I found that the little one was actually enjoying himself with me. Or at least I’d like to think so. 🙂 I’m sure you baby will be fine. And you will feel even better when you come back all worked out and relaxed.


    1. I thought about doing baby yoga, but I’m really unbalanced and afraid I’d drop him. Once he gets older, and can mimick me, I think we will try Mommy and Me yoga! I did feel better after my workout and he did great in daycare. I just hate burdening strangers and I have no clue how the baby feels or what he thinks which is where the anxiety stems from. But we are making it work and he seemed to like seeing the other kids! 😍 He’s a very easy baby – I’m really so lucky with him.


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