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As a mom, one of the things I felt pressured to do almost instantly was to “lose the mom-bod”. There are tons of articles popping up about it, especially since summer is right around the corner. Up until I delivered my child, I had zero clue there was such a thing as the “mom-bod”. I had heard of “dad-bod”, and I knew that some mom’s still carried their baby weight for a while, but I hadn’t realized just how prevalent the issue had become.

I have struggled a bit with my weight, and having high-functioning anxiety hasn’t been the best help. After I was first diagnosed, I was put on all sorts of medications that caused me to gain weight. And with asthma and allergies keeping me from doing the right kinds of cardio at the time, plus the steroids to keep them in check, I was double screwed when it came to retaining weight. Nevertheless, I’ve been lucky – my weight has never been a fuel source for my anxiety issues. At least, not a long term one. I’m not immune to looking in the mirror and fretting that I’m four sizes larger than I was in college.

One of my friends from college has delivered three kids now, and somehow still looks as amazing as she did when we met. She frequently narrates her journey on her facebook page, and put together an accountability group for the month of May to help other moms get back into shape and lose their mom pouches. I thought this was a great idea, and before I could over-think it, I’d asked to be added to the group.

Now, I don’t exactly fit the bill for this. I don’t really have baby weight left over, I lost that all by breastfeeding and keeping my diet simple and healthy after the baby was born. I’m at the number on the scale that I was pre-pregnancy. But my body is not shaped the same way it was before my son came along. And, like every other mom, I’m hoping to get rid of that skin that hangs down over my c-section scar. Or at least tighten it up enough that I can enjoy wearing a bikini.

I’ve got stretch marks – and I don’t care. I had a child. They change your body, and I knew that going in. I cannot, however, wait to lose a size or two so that hopefully, next time I get pregnant, I have less work to do on my self. So, armed with my special jogging stroller that required a special infant seat, my new meal plan, less junk food, and a set of free weights that go up to 40 lbs, I’m starting May with new goals. I even have a membership with a gym that has a daycare.

I’m holding myself accountable to take care of me. Because when you are healthy and at least feel comfortable with where you are at on an emotional and physical level, it’s much easier to take care of another human being.

– Monster Mama

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